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Curly Girl Design Greeting Cards – Leigh Standley is the artist, writer and owner of Curly Girl Design, Inc. Curly Girl Design and Leigh’s line of clever and colorful greeting cards and art have taken the industry by delightful storm.


Each card is hand printed in the USA. Blank Inside. Poly-Sleeved w/ envelope. Cards measure 5.75″ square or 6″ x 4″ classic.


via Curly Girl Design Greeting Cards – INPCreative.


I recently went on a “purging” spree! My home office was pretty well organized at the beginning of this purge. BUT THEN I decided to clean out the walk-in closet and get rid of everything that had not been out of a tote in over a year (maybe longer)! There were 14 large totes when this began. During the purging process, the office was a total wreck. I was a mad woman for over a week! Pulling stuff out of totes, going through and deciding what to keep and what to donate. Since I was in a purging mood anyway most of it was easy to let go of. I would look at it and think, “This has been in this tote for too long, get rid of it”.

I’ve read that a cluttered house makes a cluttered mind (or something like that). I believe this to be true. As I looked at the result of the purging I let out a sigh of relief –  I felt lighter. The fact that I gained a whole side of a walk-in closet was definitely an added bonus.

In the end, 8 totes were donated. It was so EXHILARATING that we decided to go through our bookcases! With computers, laptops, Kindles, Tablets, IPads, and smartphones it seems that actual books are not as popular as they once were. I personally prefer the Kindle app on my tablet for my bedtime reading. Love the fact that I don’t have to turn on the lamp, much lighter in weight than a book, and the fact that I can increase the font size (eyes are not what they use to be) is wonderful! We totally cleaned out 2 bookcases and donated 10 boxes of books. The bookcases were then moved into the walk-in closet for extra storage space which in turn gave us more room in the workout room. It was a win-win.

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