DIY Pop Up Christmas Card – Picture Tutorial

Here is a picture only tutorial of a really cute DIY Christmas Tree Pop Up Card.

I found this on Pinterest and there were no written instructions but it looks pretty simple.

I would start with 2 Green and 2 Red pieces of construction paper (the extra is to make the packages and the balls on the tree).

Draw (lightly) and make the cuts as shown in the pictures below on the green piece of construction paper. Then glue the red piece of construction paper to the green one you just cut. Be sure not to get any glue on the back side of the tree itself. With the extra pieces of construction paper cut the red balls and the packages for the tree. Glue on all the pieces you just cut out.

I would do away with the ribbons on the sides (but that’s just me).


Pop Up 3D Christmas Tree Card (source)

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