Pets & Storms

The thunder boomed and she jumped up. She couldn’t get close enough to me. I took her in my arms and held her tight as the lightening lit up the sky.

Storms ripped through Atlanta yesterday, causing more chaos amongst the already unbearable traffic due to the I-85 bridge collapse and road closures. Add to that, the fallen trees, fires due to lightening striking houses & massive flooding.

Personally, I love storms. The sound of falling rain is one of the most beautiful and peaceful sounds I have ever heard. The harder it rains the calmer I feel. Add in the lightening & booming thunder and there is an energetic charge to the mix. It’s both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.

But poor Bella. She doesn’t handle storms well. She’s terrified. Her eyes become as big as marbles, her heart races, she can’t lay down or sit still. There is no sleeping during the storm. Normally she sleeps, wrapped up in her soft blanket on the chaise lounge, for hours. Yesterday she was on my heels and followed me wherever I went, including the kitchen and bathrooms. Bella NEVER goes into the kitchen or bathrooms (no carpet on the floors). So I sat down, picked her up, and held her tight. I rocked her, pet her and kept telling her, “I got you”.

I feel such deep empathy for those that can’t be home with their babies during days like yesterday.

I am very blessed that my wife and I have a home based business so I work from home and am able to be with Bella during these storms.

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