Since I have been failing miserably at this blog I decided to take a course and get it together. And guess what! WordPress has their own FREE Blogging Courses! This is Day 1 for me. My lesson today is – “Day One: Welcome to your first day of blogging!” I am to write a post to give you (the reader) a sense of who we are and what you will find on the blog.

So here goes… (let me know what you think).

We are Melanie & Jewell. Partners in business & in life.


Jewell grew up as an Army brat & has lived in Germany & served in Korea. We met over 23 years ago while she was in the military. She has worked as a Customer Service Rep, Sales, Customs Broker, Store Manager, etc. She is now doing something she absolutely loves, she drives an 18 wheeler on a dedicated route (home every night). She had a dream to drive a semi while in her teens. She drove long haul for a number of years & I spent a year on the road with her. It was a fantastic adventure!

I started working at my mom’s gas/service station at age 12 after school and in the summers. I was pumping gas & changing oil in cars before I was a teenager (small town living). I thought it was so cool to have a work shirt with “Mel” on it. Over the years I have worked as a Waitress (eons ago), Customer Service Rep, Store Manager and on to a District Manager of a big box retailer. My latest gig was as an independent contractor for an online retailer. After 6 years with them, I received a phone call telling me they could no longer pay me. That was on a Friday (no notice, no nothing)! By the following Friday, INPCreative.com was online and we have never looked back.

The purpose of this blog is so I can ramble about whatever & to promote the products we sell on our online store inpcreative.com. I don’t get in the mood to write very often but when I do this is where I will do it. Jewell also has a really cool podcast about all kinds of different subjects – so check it out thebsidepodcast.com.

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